I was asked to give a series of mini workshops on Twitter. Flattered as I was, I agreed. I then was forced to stop and think what is so special about Twitter. Twitter might not have unveiled all its secrets to me yet but I started to get a picture. I guess the old saying is still valid that if you want to learn something, you should teach it to others.


Twitter might never solve all our problems. It won’t stop the climate change, and most probably won’t even make us a decent cup of espresso. Nevertheless, in some situations it might serve as quite a handy tool. It can also contribute to teaching and learning.

  • Twitter teaches you to be concise. When you have 140 characters and none more available, you just have to stick to the point. You have to think what you really want to say and what is essential.
  • Twitter is easy to take into use. And to use. Creating an account takes only a few minutes and it can be done ad hoc also in the middle of a lesson.
  • Twitter is a nice way of telling the world what is going on in your school. You don’t always have time to sit down and start blogging. But you always have time to type 140 characters. With the help of 140 characters you are able to tell quite a lot. A tweet is easily and quickly typed and posted. And the parents are happy, too.
  • Twitter teaches you to to swim in the stream. When the current is strong you simply have to stand the fact that you can’t control it. You have to have the courage to jump into the stream and also out of it. You don’t need to read and notice everything. You can’t – and you shouldn’t – stop the stream or otherwise you’ll cause an overflow.
  • Twitter is at its best when mobile in the pocket.

The presentation I made for the workshop in Scientix conference is available in Slideshare
The recording of a webinar organized by project


PS. By the way, 140 characters are quite a lot. None of the sentences in this blog posting have more than that.

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